The first project by mega F&B and hospitality joint-venture Elysium Enterprise, Philtration is a hidden bar serving exquisite, herbally-infused cocktails, from the secret basement of a century-old heritage house.


Centuries ago, a famous Doctor, ‘Moh Mee’, concocted herbal medicines from the old factory basement of his family home.  It was here that his family sold traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.  Since then, this chamber has been sealed away beneath the 100-year-old house, under the ’Moh Mee’ family’s protection.  With the birth of Philtration, this hidden space is finally revealed, inviting guests to explore the century-old secret that for generations, has remained hidden.


Offering a modern take on an Oriental Apothecary styled bar, Philtration is where exceptional and exciting cocktails come together, to be enjoyed by those who love a good drink.  Paying homage to Moh Mee’s medicines, drinks here are infused with herbs, spices, and teas found in Moh Mee’s creations, as a tribute to the family’s longstanding legacy.  The name Philtration is derived from the word ‘philtre’, which means “a potion to make someone fall in love.”