The 5,000 SQ.M - 5 stories stand alone building is a combination of the head office and a car maintenance customer services of B - Quik Company Limited. The ground floor and mezzanine are a car care, customer service, storage and a entrance to the office.  Second floor is a main office with conference compound.  Third floor is a staff training facilities.  Staff canteen is located on the roof top with rooftop garden.

Their Motto is simply “The best for your car, the best for you.”  They expert in services and maintenance for tyres, brake system maintenance, batteries, shock absorbers, car suspension, air conditioning systems, and oil change. 

In term of interior design, what they do and their corporate colour, strong yellow, must be emphasised and reflected upon through out the interior space.  The right car care and maintenances bring maximum of the car capacity, so do the proper interior finishes.  The smooth, quiet and comfortable driving is interpreted through the honed stone and non reflected wooden wall panelling.  The balance between safeness and speed is interpreted in a new form of lines and materials.  
The simplified tire patterns is designed in staffs training areas to remind them of who they are and what they do best.  The corporate colour is shown in a form of artworks through out the entire office and much more straight forward in area of customer service.